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About Our Firm

Iris Mashiach, Esq. has been practicing Immigration Law for over twenty years. Our law firm serves any and all communities, specializing on immigrants from the Middle East, Latin America and Asia. We believe that good communication is the key to a successful case and have access to translators for any language or dialect in order to ensure excellent communication between clients and attorneys. We handle all immigration matters, though our areas of primary focus include: Immigrant Visas, Citizenship & Naturalization, Deportation Defense, Asylum, Employment Eligibility, and Family Based Petitions.

“At our firm no client is just another file, we treat every person like an entire universe”

Iris Mashiach Esq. prides itself on its independent status as it enables us to specialize in representing individuals and families, real people who need real help, as opposed to corporations. Unlike larger law firms, who have thousands of cases at a time and delegate much of the work to staff, Ms. Mashiach is able to personally oversee every case that she accepts. This makes it much easier for clients to contact and communicate with Ms. Mashiach. At our firm, we firmly believe that a lawyer should be readily available to their client, on the phone or in person, because we believe the lawyer and client must act as partners in a successful case. Our client-centric approach and strong relationship skills have led to nothing but successful partnerships with clients.

About Iris

Iris Mashiach is no ordinary immigration attorney, she is an immigrant herself and as such has had first hand experience of how hard and painful the process of attaining residency in the USA can be. Iris always dreamed of the opportunity afforded to citizens in the United States. After finishing top of her class at Law School, she immigrated to the United States to pursue a Master’s degree in Law (LL.M) from the prestigious Columbia Law School and was admitted to the New York Bar Association in 1995. Despite receiving numerous offers to join a wide array of New York City law firms, Iris followed her passion of helping immigrants, like herself, achieve their dreams and established an independent practice of Immigration Law. For over twenty years she has successfully represented clients seeking entry to the United States. Her education, experience and personal relationship skills have helped her become one of the premier immigration attorneys in New York State.


As a sole practitioner, Ms. Mashiach prides herself on having an up close supervision of the handling of every matter within the practice. Unlike larger law firms, where most cases are delegated to paralegals and staff, Ms. Mashiach has a “close grip” and a personal knowledge of every aspect of the case from inception through the successful completion of said case.


“It takes one to know one” and being an immigrant who went through the immigration process herself, you can rest assure that Ms. Mashiach will lead you step by step through the process with compassion, understanding and dedication.


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2017 Immigration By Iris. All rights reserved.

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